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The business growth community for visionaries supporting visionaries

Built for passionate, purpose-driven, people-first Visionaries, Founders, and Entrepreneurs who are seeking collaboration, community, capital, and creation tools for their small business or startup.

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Grow your network

We want to help you build your referral network and develop more impactful, collaborative relationships, conveniently online but also through IRL events.

Grow your cashflow

We want to help you secure capital as well as resources to keep more of what you earn. We'll help you find and apply for funding as provide strategic financial tools.

Grow your visibility

We want as many eyes on your biz as possible. We'll help you boost your brand, understand pitching and media coverage, and even feature you ourselves.

Grow your vision

We know your ideas may be unlimited, but your time is not. We've got you covered with resources, tools, and templates to make your growth that much simpler.

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April 22-26, 2024

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Meet our founder,

Adriane Galea

Adriane Galea is a 4x founder, a lifelong entrepreneur, business consultant, podcast host, and speaker. Through Biz + Bubbly, Adriane is on a mission to help passionate, purpose-driven, people-first business owners and entrepreneurs develop strategic partnerships, access funding opportunities, and increase brand visibility through community, collaboration, curated events, and creative resources.

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